Up Hill and Down Dale on the 20:20 Poetry Trail

Amazingly – to me at least – my Poetry 20:20 project is nearing its end already. I’ve done today’s poem so that means just three more to go. 85% done, and in some ways I feel as though I have barely started. In other respects it feels like a very, very long run where I’m(…)

Poetry 20:20 up and running

I though it was time for an update on Poetry 20:20 – my project for October where I’m writing a poem a day, Monday to Friday (see the last post). Basically, it’s going well. I felt like I was stumbling at the starting gun on the first day, when I gave myself 3 hours to(…)

New Year, New Project: announcing Poetry 20:20

  Yes I know it”s not Dec 31st, but I”ve long felt that for me the new year starts in autumn: ¬†when the lazy summer days are over (supposedly – not this year though!) and a bite of cold in the mornings gets me thinking about preparing for winter. And of course teaching reinforces this:(…)