Critique service

Sometimes it can really help to get someone else’s opinion on your work – to get you an independent assessment of how you’re doing.  Are your characters coming across with depth? Does your dialogue sparkle? Is your plot structure working? Or, if you’re writing poetry, how good are your pace, rhythm, imagery, and sound patterns? When you’re so close to your own work, it can be hard to see for yourself what it is good about your work, and what may be holding it back.

That’s why I offer my critique service. I will read your fiction or poetry and give you a detailed assessment of your strengths, your weaknesses and what you can do to improve them, and suggestions for future directions in your writing .  I can’t turn you into a best-selling author overnight, but I can give  you a picture of where you are now and where you can go next.

Fiction and prose non-fiction

I charge $9 per 1000 words up to 20,000 words; then $6 for each 1000 words above that. There is a minimum charge of $50. If the word count includes more than one piece of writing (separate stories, not chapters), then add another $10 for each additional piece.

So, two 5,000-word stories would cost:

  • $90 for the word count (10,000 in total)
  • $10 for the second story
  • TOTAL: $110.

A 40,000 word novel would cost:

  • $180 for the first 20,000 words
  • $120 for the second 20,000 words
  • TOTAL: $300.


I charge $6 per 10 lines (or part thereof), with a minimum charge of $30.

Customer feedback

“Thanks very much for your critique. I did find it very constructive and insightful. I am enthused to improve the story with your recommendations.”  L. McE. (short story collection).

“Thank you for the critique and your constructive feedback. It’ll certainly help my future writing.”  F. A. (fiction).

“Thank you for your critique. Your comments are clear and very helpful. I like the practical suggestions for improvement.”  J. M. (poetry).

“Thanks for feedback, it was exactly what I needed.” A. B. (poetry, for children and adults).

To Book

If you are interested in using this service, please email me with details of the writing that you would like me to look at. I look forward to helping you.



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